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The Makers and The Dream Makers

Journey to the Automotive Summit

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Automotive Manufacturing: We’ve Got Your Back.

As an industry partner to automotive manufacturing and a financial cooperative, MTC Federal Credit Union offers more as a partner relationship. It’s called Traction. Like any relationship getting to know each other is key to a lifetime partnership journey. Give us 30 seconds and we’ll give you the 101 on MTC Federal.

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Born from employees of Michelin, North America in 1976, we have over 40 years serving automotive manufacturing as a Trusted Full-Service Financial Institution, governed and insured by the NCUA.

As a financial cooperative of manufacturers, their families and the communities where we serve, we deliver $52 Million Guaranteed Better Auto Loans annually, supplying members that #RollFloatTravel with great rates, term options, exclusive incentives, member perks and loyalty rewards.

As a sound financial institution MTC Federal is recognized as a 5-Star Bauer Financial Institution, in the Top 50 Healthiest Credit Unions in the US and a financial resource for automotive manufacturers, their families and communities where we serve.

MTC Federal was formed in Greenville, South Carolina and is home to our National Headquarters. The Credit Union offers 11 Branches in South Carolina, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

MTC Federal is made up of 19,000+ members with 95% automotive workforce and their families and 5%+ in community memberships. Our members are located in over 47 States and 11 Countries.

Wherever a company grows and our members go 90% of members choose to use MTC Federal online, mobile or phone, giving them 24/7 access to financial services with 30% of business transacting internationally.

The MTC Federal Foundation receives over $45,000+ each year in member donations by participating in the annual Skip A Pay Campaign. 100% of funds raised go to Educational Resources, Disaster Relief Efforts and Community Charities where we serve.

MTC Federal helps the automotive manufacturing community make the move with Mortgage and Relocation Services offered as a Company Benefit Solution and a resource to employees and their families and community access where we serve.

MTC Federal’s community of members carry the purchasing power of our Debit and Credit Cards earning over 51,388,590 annually in Reward Points. Members save more with great rates, no annual fees, and loyalty rewards for Cash Back, Merchandise, Gift Cards, and Travel Reward options.

100% of MTC Federal members have access to Financial Education, Planning and Counseling Services at NO-COST. Each member has access to a FREE Credit Analysis anytime offering the benefit of saving more money and tools to build a stronger financial future.

MTC Federal members receive and save more with Member Perks offering SKIP A PAY options, Discount Tickets, Love My Credit Union Rewards, Lower Cost Fees and much more.

As a financial cooperative community we save and borrow together. MTC Federal serves as a trusted financial resource and believes in the credit union advantage of people helping people and relationships that relationships are important. We recognize and reward loyalty through Relationship Dividend, an annual earnings give-back to the membership based on the credit union performance, board approval and member participation.

MTC Federal is a Lifetime Membership. Wherever life goes, membership goes too, giving a lifetime of benefits and traction for life’s journey.

The Board of Directors is a voluntary member board and are elected by the membership and work with other volunteers to provide guidance and strategic direction to the credit union.

MTC Federal offers CU@Work as a NO-Cost Turnkey Financial Benefit Solution to automotive manufacturing.

For more information on how you can connect your company, employees or community to services already available to them contact us or call 800/442-7792 Ext 3420. We’re more than financial services, we’re the MTC Federal Community.

The financial benefit program offered through MTC Federal has provided on-site financial services to our students, faculty and partnership companies. We think of MTC Federal as a collaborative partner, recruitment tool and asset to CU-ICAR.