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Financial Analysis

Challenge what it can do for you.

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Financial Analysis. Challenge What You Think About Financial Wellness.

Everyone’s credit experience is different and that’s why we are here to give you traction for your financial journey.  Just as unique as you are, so is your credit and wealth capacity.  Being a part of the MTC Federal community means we focus on one member at a time to create winning relationships that build stronger financial futures.  We call it Individual Financial Analysis and it starts at membership.  There’s no magic wand just practical information, objective insights, delivered with informed lending experts and ends with a relationship built through trust.  This year start fresh. Reset debt, increase your wealth or simply move to a membership focused on your financial future.

Why is it important?

Your either trying to grow wealth, reduce debt, or simply trying to get on a stronger foot with your finances.  The reality is that many things go into where you are with your personal finances. Financial inexperience, health, career, family, education, economy, good and bad choices, divorce, retirement or lifestyle can all play a part of your life’s financial journey.  That’s why we exist, to give each member a stronger financial future.  It’s why we want to get to know you and learn how we can help you. Schedule an Individual Financial Analysis.

What should you expect from an Individual Financial Analysis?

It takes less than 30 minutes.  We use a Credit Report to show you just how much you are paying for credit.  This review consist of rate analysis, payment history, type of credit, terms of credit and anything negatively and positively impacting your credit score.  We use your financial goals, current situation, and customized solutions to help you achieve your goals. Whatever the credit situation whether good or bad, we look at the individual needs and we create a plan that may require steps to help you achieve positive financial consistency.  For some it’s reducing debt with rate reductions, cash back and may be even 90 days to pay, to give you a breather and allowing you to pay debt off sooner. For others, it may be an All In to consolidate to one lower monthly payment and a tutorial on our money management tools and resources.  We even show members how to leverage a savings plan to help create a disciplined approach to saving.  As important, an Individual Financial Analysis is the door that opens your story and we want to be there with you every step of the way.

How does an Individual Financial Analysis work?

It’s an unbiased financial review that puts action to goals.  Action + Goals = Financial Performance.  You have your personal goals and MTC Federal lending experts have custom term options for you.  In many cases deposit services are often a part of the analysis. We want to show you how much you can save and earn through competitive dividends, even in our no cost checking accounts along with our Loyalty Rewards redemptions. Earning your trust means that we show you the positive things that are impacting your score that helps you pay less for credit services and the other is to show you how you can use deposit services to help you manage money, save more money and earn more through Relationship Dividend.

How do you get started?

It starts with membership.  Every member receives a free annual Individual Financial Analysis as a Member Perk.  If you are a member and have never taken advantage of your free Individual Financial Analysis now’s the time.  This is the MTC Federal difference and it’s what brings value to the relationship.  We want every member to have a stronger financial future and to reap the benefits of your own financial goals.  Whatever your credit or financial situation, don’t sit on the side line.  We invest in relationships by creating smart, savvy borrowers and savers.  Let’s take it on together. 

Whatever your situation, schedule a free Individual Financial Analysis or call 800/442-7792 today. We’re standing by to help you have a stronger financial future.

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