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Kickback! Enjoy The Returns You’ve Earned.

Monthly Newsletter for the Members of MTC Federal Credit Union

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When people talk about investing or saving, they often emphasize getting the most return for their money. Shooting for a high return is laudable, but what often gets lost in this discussion is the most powerful element of building wealth; we call it managing through accessibility. Old concept, new way.  Here’s how to do it:


  • Use money management tools with online and mobile access. Know where your money is and what is going on with it at all times. If you are reading this, chances are you have online accessibility. Make sure that all of your savings vehicles are accessible to view for performance. We’ve made it easy to access your MTC Federal accounts and get the latest updates on deposit rate changes.
  • Monitor your deposit accounts for interest earnings, fees, withdrawals or unauthorized transactions. If it is savings, certificates of deposits, IRA’s or even money markets, keep your eyes open and watch for performance triggers. Don’t park it and walk away, think strategic when it comes to your money.
  • Organize your accounts with online or mobile customization options to replicate your strategy. Web-branch can help you do this. If you are monitoring multiple accounts and you have your plans laid out use custom features to layout your savings portfolio. Your accounts have naming rights, so name them. Arrange them in priority, if you’re choosing to ladder CD’s or if saving with a purpose.

Don’t stress about the optimal return on your investments, the MTC Federal experts can help. In fact, a boost in managing and protecting your funds can often be more powerful than a higher rate of return.