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The Roads Are Calling, Why Not Go?

Roll, Float Travel Tips for the Journey

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Take a break from budget reviews and full schedules to relax. Fall is a great time to be an opportunistic tourist and take advantage of some of the best travel deals.  This time of the year is often overlooked but it’s generally going to be a more affordable with frictionless travel time.   Take advantage of our 10 tips for fall travel.

  1. Cash in your MTC Federal Rewards for travel redemptions.
  2. Take advantage of booking sites and apps. Favorite travel apps from 4 travel bloggers
  3. Consider using your miles and take advantage of off peak travel times.
  4. Cruises can be a good deal.
  5. Check out what’s going on at your usual vacation destination.
  6. Disney World tends to be a better buy in the fall.
  7. Go West!
  8. Fall can be a great time to hit Europe.
  9. Carry and earn points for travel with the MTC Federal Platinum Credit Card.
  10. If you are headed to the coast, think about travel insurance. Hurricane season.

Keep your travel passions moving and take advantage of good deals, fewer crowds, and time to wind down and catch your breath.

The roads are calling, why not go?

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