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Mastering Deposit Strategy: Own the Relationship

You’re probably already doing a good job of maintaining your personal relationships, but have you considered how strong your relationship is with MTC Federal when it comes to maximizing your earnings as a member-owner.

That’s right—staying connected with your credit union can help you strategize and achieve your financial goals for the long haul. How do you go about building upon your existing MTC Federal relationship in a crowd of competitors who are bidding for your attention and your money?

Take Control. Build A Relationship.

  • You’ll have choices. When you start with a financial relationship you trust, you will have more flexibility and choice when it comes to earning more.
  • Never pass up free money. Consider the benefits of loyalty when you’re making your financial choices.  MTC Federal offers an annual Relationship Dividend.  The more services you have with MTC Federal the better the chances are that you will receive additional earnings.
  • Keep long term savings for long term plans. Even the best laid out plans can have detours. Having a relationship that starts with understanding your story can lead to custom options that help you stay on target with your goals and build a financial solution to help when changes arise. Whether it’s a windfall or making ends meet, we care and trust that you will come to us first for all of your financial needs. Contact us for a free credit analysis to determine the best path for your financial future.

MTC Federal works hard each day to give greater value to member-owners.  We are all on the same relationship team.  If you have better pricing or you’re not satisfied, let’s talk.  This has been our mission for the past 40+ years and what will keep our journey going.  Let’s grow together and prosper.