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A Monthly Newsletter for the Members and SEG Partners of MTC Federal Credit Union

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Why Credit Unions Are Good For Your Business

Connecting Your Company

As industry partners to automotive manufacturing, there are more ways MTC Federal connects to your ecosystem. Credit unions naturally benefit industry and businesses as this is the core of how a credit union is formed.  But it’s more.  Did you know we help families and communities thrive?  Here’s how.

  • 115 Million working Americans choose a credit union.
  • Earn higher savings return, lower loan rates, and fewer low cost fees.
  • Offers 12 Billion in financial benefits to members annually.
  • Champions to Communities. From low-income families to high performing business, credit unions serve a diverse membership and one that reflects the needs of rural and urban communities where your employees live.
  • Families of participating employer groups also benefit from credit union services to build strong financial infrastructures of financial education and affordable services.

Connect Your Business To MTC Federal:

  • Learn what’s on our benefit menu. We serve as a No-Cost Turnkey Financial Benefit Solution to Automotive Manufacturing.
  • Plug into resources. We offer financial wellness workshops, counseling at no cost to members, and much more.
  • Stay connected. Subscribe and share news and updates with your benefits team. Learn, follow, like and share with our social community.

MTC Federal is not a one size fits all community. We are an industry partner and we believe in offering a safe place to save and borrow together to create a community that builds stronger financial futures.

“Credit Unions are among the highest rated services ever evaluated with 96% of members highly satisfied”. – 2018 Consumer Reports

Need more information?  Schedule an appointment by calling 864/908-3420 to learn more.

Source: Consumer Reports