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Boating Enthusiasts Unite! 5 Reasons To Visit A Boat Show.

How To Navigate A Fiberglass Sea

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5 Reasons You Want To Visit A Boat Show.

If your Roll, Float, and Travel passions include a boat and you’re planning to visit a boat show, one of these five reasons is probably front and center:

  1. You have a specific boat locked in your sights, and you’re going to the show to make the best deal.
  2. You have a bunch of models in mind, and you want to compare them to each other.
  3. You’re not ready to buy but you’re looking at new models today, knowing that these will be used models tomorrow—at reduced prices—when you are ready to buy.
  4. You know you want to get into boating, but you don’t really know where to start and just want to see a whole bunch of boats in one place so you can compare them.
  5. You’ve already got a boat and what you really are looking for is gear and/or services. Every boat show has whole rows and rows booths with vendors selling everything from electronics to teak furniture to sunglasses to insurance and financing.

Map It Out
No matter which of these profiles fits you best, don’t just walk into the show without any plan at all.  You’ll waste valuable time wandering aimlessly in the fiberglass forest. Show-goers can check out a show’s website online beforehand, an app is even better to know which builders and gear-makers are going to be where.  Map out who and what you want to see, figure out a priority list and a walking path, and go equipped.

There are always bargains to be had at boat shows. Builders, dealers, and equipment-makers invest to be at the shows because they know that virtually all the show-goers are truly interested in what they’re selling. It’s a buyers mecca, be aware a dealers goal is to convert active interest into a sale.   You’ll be exposed to discounted prices, which obviously can work to your advantage. But there are other incentives, too, like free or discounted options packages, or attractive financing. Boat show deals can get done quickly because representatives from the OEMs are often there themselves, working with their dealers to make things happen for customers.  Preparing before you go can be the best way to avoid buyers remorse.  Step back and take photos of show prices and spec sheets, and other product concerns you may have to help you do more comparing at home later.

Preparing For Financing

As a trusted source for affordable financing, check with your MTC Federal Credit Union lending expert before you buy.  You can get a better offer when you have done the leg work before you make a deal.  We call it Pre-Approval. We can help you navigate what you can afford and understand insurance costs so that you can enjoy your boat without worrying about how to pay for it.  We even offer cash back options and flexible terms that dealers don’t have and walk you through the process of LTV so that you have the best of what a Guaranteed Better Loan can bring you.  Your loan will not only come with a great rate, but the lifetime benefits of membership.

With a combination of brochures, digital photos, and specific thoughts  noted, you’ll come away from a boat show equipped to make a decision to buy—or to keep on looking. Either way, you’ll have fun planning your next Roll, Float, Travel Adventure.