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31 Day Financial Fitness Challenge

Start 2024 on the right side of your money. 31 days of tips to kick-start your financial wellness.

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Financial Independence Awaits...

New Year. Fresh Start. Today is the day to get on the road to a stronger financial future. Join the MTC Federal 31 day financial fitness challenge. Need help? Schedule your FREE INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL ANALYSIS with one of our financial experts to help you build custom solutions for your needs.

Day 1 : Schedule a one-on-one financial analysis with an MTC Federal financial expert.

Day 2: Review your credit report.

Day 3: Comb through daily expenses to minimize what you don't need.

Day 4: Evaluate your debt.Check out these FREE debt inventory worksheets.

Day 5: Evaluate recurring expenses (utilities, phone, etc) to make sure you have best rate.

Day 6: Now you know where you stand, create goals for your money.

Day 7: Plan a money date with your significant other to discuss joint finance goals.

Day 8: Create a budget. Use this budget worksheet.

Day 9: Organize your financial documents.

Day 10: Reduce your Auto Debt. 5 reasons to refinance for a Guaranteed Better Loan.

Day 11: Create a payoff plan for your credit card. Use our credit card payoff calculator.

Day 12: Evaluate your mortgage rate and schedule an appointment to review refinance options.

Day 13: Review and adjust your 401(k) plan.

Day 14: Get (or renew) a life insurance policy. Members get exclusive discounts through TruStage.

Day 15: Grow your retirement savings. Evaluate options for a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Day 16: Education is expensive. Understand a Coverdale Education Savings Account for your child's education expenses.

Day 17: Cash in on loyalty rewards. Sign up or review Debit and Credit Card rewards for cash, travel and merchandise redemption.

Day 18: Staying in the debt cycle? Make a plan to use cash instead of cards - studies show you will spend less.

Day 19: Evaluate auto and mortgage insurance to see if you can reduce costs. Members get exclusive discounts with TruStage.

Day 20: Evaluate (or renew) Healthcare Insurance.

Day 21: Go green! Increase energy efficiency in your home to save on utility bills.

Day 22: At home? Create a cost savings lunch menu plan through Pinterest to save on meal and grocery expenses.

Day 23: Be prepared. Start an emergency fund in Web-Branch. Set goal of $1,000 with these tips.

Day 24: Protect yourself against identity theft with fraud protection alerts.

Day 25: Sell excess stuff. Make a plan to put the profits into a savings account.

Day 26: Reduce your taxes by donating old clothes and unused items.

Day 27: Protect those you love. Set up a will.

Day 28: Download the MTC Federal mobile app to track your spending anywhere, anytime.

Day 29: Set up Bill Pay. Never miss another payment and reduce late fees.

Day 30: Continue to improve your financial wellness journey. Use our Financial Education Center for Interactive Courses.

Day 31: Earn more income. Consider a side gig that inspires your career.

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