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Account & Service Fees
New Member Fee$5.00 Per memberWaived for members under age 18 or 65+
Minimum Withdrawal$5.00 From Share Savings
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)$31.00 Per item
Courtesy Pay$31.00 Per item cleared
Stop Payment for Unavailable Funds$31.00 Per item
Stop Payment Request$20.00 Per sequenceNo fee for online stop payment request
Returned item$31.00 Per personal check
Returned item - Third Party$10.00 Per item
Below $50.00 Minimum Balance$10.00 Per month Applies only to Primary Share Savings Account
Paper Statement by Mail$3.00 Per montheStatements - No Charge
Excessive Withdrawal$5.00 Per withdrawal After three withdrawals per month on Share Savings Account
Christmas Club Withdrawal$10.00 Per withdrawal After the first withdrawal
Dormant Account$10.00 Per month After 12 months of inactivity and balance below $200. Members over 18.
Inactive Checking Account$10.00 Per month After six months of inactivity and checking account balance below $500. Members over 18.
Early Account Closure$50.00 Per Account Applies if membership is closed within twelve months of opening
Account re-opening$10.00 plus membership fee Applies if account is re-opened within one year of closing membership
Starter Check (reprint after initial)$4.00 Per page
Check PrintingPrice varies depending on style
Third Party Payment$3.00 EachApplies after three MTC Federal issued checks within a week
1% Check Cashing FeeMin of $2, max of $20If no loans or <$200 in total balance. Waive for members under 18 or 65+
Rolled Coin DepositMin. $1.00, max $0.10/rollWaive for members under 18

Money Market Account Fees
Below Money Market Minimum Balance$10.00 per monthFee applies to any Money Market Account
Money Market Excessive Withdrawal$10.00 Per withdrawalAfter six withdrawals per month on Money Market Account

Other Account Related Fees
Levy/Garnishment/Legal Process$25.00 Per occurrence
Escheatment Notice$50.00 Per occurrence
Verification of Deposit$10.00 Per request
Returned mail handling$8.00 Per month. For items returned to the credit union as a result of a bad address
Overnight mailPass through of actual costs
Personal Fax - Domestic$1.00 Per page Within US
Personal Fax - International$5.00 first page, $2 add'l
Personal Copies$0.50 Per page
Research Services$25.00 Per hour
Statement Copy$5.00 Per month
Account History$2.00 Per page (free online)Applies to history printed in-branch
Check Copies$5.00 Per copy (free online)
Copy of other account items $2.00 Per page
Substitute Check Fee$5.00 Per item
Foreign Check CashingPass through of actual costs
Account Reconciliation$20.00 Per hour
Check Replacement$10.00 Per item Non-members replacement of a personal check with Certified Check
Domestic Outgoing Wire Fee$10.00 Per transfer
International Outgoing Wire Fee$45.00 Per transfer
Incoming Wire Fee$5.00 Per item received

Safety Deposit Box**
3x5$20.00 per year
3x10$30.00 per year

Electronic Banking Transactions
Foreign ATM Transactions$1.00 Per transaction 6 free per month; $1.00 each after 6 (Inquiry, Transfer or Transaction)
Chip Debit Card Replacement Fee$10.00 Per occurrence
PIN Reminder Fee$3.00 Per occurrence
Decoupled Transaction Fee$10.00 Per monthFor 1 or more transactions per month
Debit Card ISA FeePass through of actual costs
Debit Card Express DeliveryPass through of actual costsPer Member request
Bill Pay - Miscellaneous FeesPass through of actual costsPer Member request

* The fees appearing above are accurate as of July 4, 2018. If you have any questions or require current fee information on your account, please contact your local branch.

** Available at Ardmore, OK 12th Avenue Branch Only.

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