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CEO Message

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Our Members Have Everything To Gain

Earning our trust isn’t a one and done deal. It’s an on-going journey and we’re here to give you the traction you need to keep moving forward.

Your credit union is growing and it only gets better!  We’re excited to share upcoming changes which will benefit you:

  •  A new look and message that reflects how we serve and value you as a member.
  •  New, easy to use
  •  Updated Mobile App for added convenience.
  •  A switch to Mastercard® for all our card services with more reward choices.

Our deep heritage doesn’t change, our name doesn’t change and we still remain the financial institution you have known and trusted for over 40 years. Our mission, vision and values stand true today; to serve all of our members’ financial needs.

We hope you enjoy these exciting changes that will enhance your membership experience.


William H. Love, CEO

MTC Federal Credit Union