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Growing Compassion

How MTC Federal Credit Union Showcases a Commitment to Supporting its Employees During Grief and Loss

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In an era where the dynamics of family structures are continually evolving, it's important for organizations to adapt their policies to reflect the changing needs of their employees. Recognizing this necessity, MTC Federal Credit Union has taken a commendable step forward with its recent update to its bereavement policy, showcasing a commitment to supporting its workforce during times of grief and loss.

The significance of this policy update cannot be overstated, especially in today's society where traditional notions of family are undergoing profound shifts. With an increase in non-traditional funeral leave requests becoming more prevalent, MTC Federal’s HR department was inspired to take action and update the current policy to better align with the needs of its employees.

One of the most notable aspects of the revised policy is its acknowledgment of the diverse relationships that individuals cherish. By allowing funeral leave to be taken once per year for a non-immediate relative or close family friend, MTC Federal recognizes that the bonds of family extend beyond traditional definitions. This provision further acknowledges the complexity of modern family structures, where friendships and chosen families often hold equal significance to blood ties.

Moreover, the inclusion of pregnancy-related grief leave demonstrates a deep understanding of the emotional toll experienced by individuals and their partners during such trying times. Miscarriages and failed IVF treatments are deeply personal losses that can have a serious impact on individuals' mental and emotional well-being. By offering this leave, MTC Federal affirms our commitment to supporting employees through all stages of life, including the often-overlooked realm of reproductive loss.

MTC Federal Credit Union's decision to update its bereavement policy exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to employee support. By embracing inclusivity and recognizing the diverse nature of modern relationships, the organization sets a standard for compassionate workplace policies. In doing so, it not only fosters a more supportive work environment but also reaffirms one of its core values: We Care.