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Digital Wallets

Convenience on-the-go.

Portrait picture of MTC Federal credit/debit cards with overlay announcing digital wallets

Digital Wallet Payment Options

MTC Federal digital payment solutions allow MTC Federal members to benefit from the latest advances in payment method convenience and security with their credit cards and debit cards with Google Pay™, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay™.

  • Unlock the visibility and ease of today’s prime contactless payment apps for Android™, Apple® and Samsung™ devices.
  • Go where the action is. Digital wallets and payments are capturing more and more of our everyday transactions. Choose your MTC Federal cards wherever they’re needed. It’s easy, safe and convenient.

While some phones have their digital wallet app’s pre-installed, it may be necessary to download the app from the applicable app store.  Access to digital wallet phone FAQ’s can be found using the links below and can answer questions regarding the type of digital wallet app available to a phone and download instructions for the app: