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Monthly Newsletter for the Members of MTC Federal Credit Union

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Choice, The New Deposit Disrupter.

There’s great news to inspire and guide you no matter your age or income if you’re paving your road to retirement.  While there is no magic secret to getting it right; there are saving essentials to consider in your personal strategy to achieve your financial savings goals that have proven the test of time. What do you need to know about the care of your nest egg?

Safety and Security

Protect Your Hard Earned Money. Make sure your money is backed by the full faith and credit of US Government. Your MTC Federal dollars are protected by the NCUA.

LEARN MORE about insurance protection.

Choice, The New Disguise – Be careful where you park your money. Even though we’ve moved beyond the industrial age, the techno age is very similar, same old tricks, new look. Deception comes in all different packages and easily keeps up with the latest trends. Read the disclaimers, terms and conditions, fees and penalties for early withdrawal. Pause and research before you click.

LEARN MORE about fraud and identity theft.

Know your Limits. Knowledge is power and protects you and your nest egg from financial disruptions that could impact your earning potential.

LEARN HOW to calculate your deposit limits.

Being a savvy saver doesn’t mean having or saving more money than everyone else. It’s about knowing what moves can make a difference in your savings goals and being an active and purposeful saver.

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