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Planning Financial Wellness Together

3 Tips To A Better Financial Wellness Workshop.

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The key to any successful employer benefit is participation. If you have not thought about Financial Wellness as a driver for benefit engagement think again. Consider a 36% penetration rate for employees participating in a Financial Wellness Benefit a success.  If it’s less than 10% thinking outside the box can be a game changer.

MTC Federal offers a variety of financial education resources including workshops designed to provoke discussions, ideas, and new ways employees can think about money and choices. Getting started is easy.  Making financial topics relative and connecting the dots for your employees may require adding a little genius to stretch your thinking.

Top 3 ways to motivate employees and engage their interest for a better financial future:

Make It Relative.                                                                                          

Rethink the way you describe financial wellness and workshops to your employees.  Take the workshop topics and plan around real life focus.  Choose similiar workshops that can fall in these types of categories.

  • Planning for college and the future.
  • Overcome challenges and start a path to financial wellness.
  • Preparing for a long retirement.

Look for Financial Triggers:  Financial New Year’s Resolutions, Saving For Retirement, Company Relocations, Planning Summer Vacations, Back To School, Holiday Spending, First Time Home Buying, Benefit Open Enrollment Dates.

Think Outside The Box.                                                                                                          

Why do “genius bar” style learning environments work? They offer welcoming spaces with experts to listen, learn and offer choices and solutions based on individual goals and situations of the participants. Creating a new way to do workshops can be as simple as offering the following:

  • Coffee and Conversation in a small coffee shop or using an open space in your office or facility.
  • Lunch N Learn whether it’s a brown bag lunch or a boxed lunch, it’s easy to add to any workspace, outdoor space or select a favorite local sandwich cafe for a small informal group.
  • Small is good. If you think “genius bar” you’ll never see a large group. This is when keeping it to 8 to 10 people makes it feel less like a training lab at work and more like a book club conversation.

Your MTC Federal Team can assist you. Schedule a workshop.


Communication should be simple, easy, and consistent. The role of HR professionals is not to inspire but to motivate. Here are several tips to develop a communication plan that is easy to execute and improve participation numbers.

  • Create a Financial Wellness Communication Calendar Start by looking at financial triggers of whose interest is at top of mind from the company and employee.  Look at trends that occur each year with your benefit plans. Consider the time of year for employee relocation, benefit enrollment time, change in company production or economic disruptions and even retirements.
  • Financial Wellness Quotes If you’re using a company intranet add motivation quotes or tips about money consistently.
  • Share a monthly or quarterly schedule of financial topics for your workshop using the triggers listed above and think about an employee survey.

Let’s Plan Together.

MTC Federal offers professionals to help you deliver the type of relative topics and information for workshops to attract employees looking for answers. The first step is select the type of workshops you find meaningful to your employees and we’ll help with the rest. For more information about financial wellness benefits call 800-442-7792 ext. 3420 or contact

Equip Your Employees For A Stronger Financial Future.