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Empower Your Employees

MTC Federal Credit Union is proud to work with selected companies to offer their employees a financial wellness benefit program. We help employers enhance their employee benefits package with a no-cost, turnkey program that improves participants’ financial future through financial education, exceptional service, and access to a full range of financial services with competitive rates.

What CU@Work offers companies and their HR teams?

  • No Cost Benefit
  • Financial Cooperative – Not-For-Profit Full Service Financial Institution.
  • Relocation Services Domestic/International.
  • A solution partner focused on the financial wellness of your employees.

How do our services benefit your employees?

  • Great rates, fewer and low cost fees.
  • 24/7 access to financial services.
  • Member Loyalty Program.
  • Member Perks.
  • Financial Wellness workshops.

Accessing Resources

  • CU@Work Portal – Launching Summer 2018
  • Direct access to assigned Credit Union representative.
  • Receive a monthly CU Insights newsletter with relative information.

On-Boarding Employees

  • Meet & Greet – Kickoff to Membership
  • New Hire Orientation for HR Personel
    • Powerpoint Presentation with clickable video links.
    • Cu@Work flyer for How to Enroll in Membership.

HR Engagement

  • Receive a monthly CU Insights newsletter with relative information.
  • Let’s Get Social – Follow and like MTC Federal Credit Union on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


To request CU@Work membership as your company benefit, fill out the form below or call 864-908-3421.

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