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Astrotourism.  The New Road Trip.

Astrotourism. The New Road Trip.

Resorts, parks and attractions in the United States and beyond are expanding the galaxy of what has become known as astrotourism.  Astrotourism is any kind of tourism that involves the night sky or visiting facilities related to astronomy like observatories, and combining that with a broader sense of ecotourism where interaction with nature is what the visitor experience is about.

Why not make it a #RollFloatTravel adventure? Like watching the sunset, seeking out the Big Dipper in the night sky is the new vacation ritual. But in the past five years, according to experts, the term astrotourism has evolved to describe more intentional travel to places with dark skies and more visible stars.

Where To Go.

When you live near a city it can be easy to forget just how many stars are in the night sky. But if you take the time to get away from the light pollution, spread out a blanket, and look up, there is more to see than you can imagine. It’s relatively easy to find a dark sky out west—what about in the southeast?

Where can you escape the city lights and find a truly dark sky for stargazing? Here are places to go and experiences to explore while creating a star gazing experience worthy of a #RollFloatTravel adventure.

Six of the best places in the southeast to take in the majesty of the night sky.

Chase the stars from Texas to Yellowstone.

Best Places To See The Milky Way in South Carolina.

Star Gazing in Alabama.

Out of this World Star Gazing in Oklahoma.

What’s your next Roll, Float, Travel adventure?  Enjoy an awe-inspiring Road Trip view from a back porch of a resort lodge with all the comforts of home, or take in the show from a backcountry campsite or state park. Stay on top of the best locations with an app that can get you where the best lights shine.  Whether you join one of the orchestrated “star parties” in remote corners of the country or strike out on your own stargazing adventure, join the community that sees #RollFloatTravel adventures in a whole new light.

Explore Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, SC.  Roper Mountain Science Center is an Associational Partner with MTC Federal.  If you are a member of Roper Mountain Science Center take advantage of an MTC Federal membership as one of your benefits.  Join the #RollFloatTravel community.

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